What do we really know about these mythical persons that dig deep into our soul and releases our most secret feelings? 
Do I want to find out how they do it?
Yes, and what made them so good at it! I want with this music podcast explain the mystery of how successful musicians became successful.

What are their tricks and tips to become a great musician?
Ask about their life story, how did they become what they are today.

I want to open the doors to this fantastic world and explore all of its elements. It is hard work and a lot of amazing dedicated stories behind that little piece of music that makes you get goosebumps.

There is in the Netherlands a constant budget cut in the music sector because the government doesn’t want to support a concert hall that gaps empty. If we can spread the amazing stories and make a relationship with people to this magical world of music, we can also find concerts halls that are sold out.

  • Cello  Akademie Rutesheim/ festival Special edition:
  • Matthias Truck– festival leader, cellist and founder   
  • Jens- Peter Maintz– Solo cellist and professor at Universety of arts in Berlin and Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia in Madrid. When Jens Peter Maintz won the first prize in the international ARD competition in 2004, no cellist had received this award for seventeen years.
  • Danjulo Ishizaka– Solo Cellist. He performs on the Stradivarius cello ‘Feuermann’ (1730) on loan to him from the Nippon Music Foundation, previously played by the legendary cellist Emanuel Feuermann. He is Professor for violoncello at the Music Academy Basel and at the University of Arts Berlin.
  • Claudio Bohórquez–  Solo Cellist and professor at the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler in Berlin. The jury at the Kronberg Academy’s International Pablo Casals Competition presented him with no less than three awards in 2000.
  • Sebastian Klingel-  Cellist. Plays in ensambles in addition to solo concertos with renowned orchestras in chamber music ensembles with leading instrumentalists such as Lisa Batiashvili, Gidon Kremer, Yuri Bashmet, Yo-Yo Ma, Lang Lang, Jörg Widmann and Christian Gerhaher. Teaches as a professor for violoncello at the University of Music Hamburg