What do we really know about these mythical persons that dig deep into our soul and releases our most secret feelings? 
Do I want to find out how they do it?
Yes, and what made them so good at it! I want with this music podcast explain the mystery of how successful musicians became successful.

What are their tricks and tips to become a great musician?
Ask about their life story, how did they become what they are today.

I want to open the doors to this fantastic world and explore all of its elements. It is hard work and a lot of amazing dedicated stories behind that little piece of music that makes you get goosebumps.

There is in the Netherlands a constant budget cut in the music sector because the government doesn’t want to support a concert hall that gaps empty. If we can spread the amazing stories and make a relationship with people to this magical world of music, we can also find concerts halls that are sold out.

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