Episode 12 – Alban Faust

During three decades Alban Faust has performed on prominent folk music scenes throughout Europe, both as a soloist and with different bands. He has also built instruments and developed their design to a new level and brought back old traditional instrument from the dead. The instruments he makes are Swedish bagpipes and he has created his own design on the Nyckel harp called Alban Fast that is made in Vienna.

His musical programs are varied and are adapted to every musical occasion. Alban’s instruments, the keyed-fiddle and the bagpipes invite the audiences to an amazing journey through his home district in Sweden:
From the polkas’ magical rhythm, over the majestic harmonies of the wedding march to the melancholic sadness of the ballad. Music from the past or music Alban him self composed. Sometimes Alban spice the performance with ballads accompanied on the guitar

In 2009 Alban Faust got The Zorn brand in silver, which gives him the right to title himself the national player. He has also received the Dalsland Medal and Mellerud Municipality’s cultural award.

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