Episode 4 – Ine Vanoeveren

Happy New Year Master in Music listeners! I hope you had a great start on your 2019, if not here is your chance to turn it around with an amazing interview with Doctor Ine Vanoveren, doctor in contemporary flute playing.

This young and unusual flutist. has dedicated her life to modern art. Except having a doctor’s degree in Flute, she is also Assistant Professor Contemporary Flute – Conservatoire Royal de Liège, Belgium & Artistic Researcher – Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Belgium.
She chairs the Research Group ‘CREATION’ – Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Belgium.

In this episode, she shares her new book with us which is written to explain the mysteries of modern music. It is called  “Tomorrow’s music in practice today”.  Ine shares her methods of mastering modern music.

She tells us about her projects “experiments are more refreshing then socks” and she tells us how, during her studies in California, she made a performance based on a man who accidentally shot himself which in real life was her friends best friend. We talk politics, life and death, and of course a lot about music.

I also want to share with you a concert service that is called Take away concerts. It is a service I created in my company “A Swedish Cellist”. Imagine sitting in your home having a small party or dinner and suddenly a musician knocks on the door and comes and plays a short concert for you and your friends. It is affordable, accessible live music right to your doorstep. Pretty great.

Now I want to start by inviting Ine Vanoveren to your ear with the piece “Vermont counterpoint” of Steve Reich.

Our partners for this episode:

  • Take Away concert with A Swedish Cellist, which is a concert service where you can order your own concert to your home
  • Student radio Maastricht