Episode 1 – Jacqueline Hamelink

Ladys and Gentlemen,

Welcome to Master in Music – the Podcast. My name is Petronella Torin and today I present for you an amazing episode with the artist, singer, dancer and cellist Jacqueline Hamelink from Sounding Bodies. Jacqueline tells the story of how she one day quit her full-time job as a music teacher to pursue her dream as a cello artist. She tells how she feared she will be homeless and how she manages to win prizes, like Tilburg’s Makers Fond and Prins Bernards Culturfonds. She shares with us her best tips in practising, training, food recipes and advises how to handle your inner dragons. It is an episode filled with great advise and I will be listening several times to this because it is so good.

Our partners for this episode:

  • Take Away concert with A Swedish Cellist, which is a concert service where you can order your own concert to your home
  • Music for you Maastricht a new kind of music school with tailored music programs just for you
  • Student radio Maastricht