Episode 2 – Fenna Ograjensek

Today’s episode is an amazing power woman called Fenna Ograjensek. She is an opera singer and a music producer. She studied in Maastricht (Netherlands) and in New York at Julliard School of Music. She has been singing in Carnegie Hall, Berliner Philharmonie and Concertgebouw all the way to Maastricht. She has an amazing foundation called Music young for old that enables music students to play concerts for the older generations. Music young for old has 500 concerts every year! That is a lot of concerts! And that is just for that foundation.

Now she is working on her opera company “Opera compact”, with their current project called “I hate opera”, She is also Playing the part of Donna Elvira in the new production by Sybrand van der Werf’s version in “Opera Compact”. It is something I really look forward to in 2020 when the show premieres.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do. It is filled with great advice and tips on how to get concerts and how to represent yourself as an artist so that you get booked for the jobs you want.

Before we start with the interview, let’s enjoy together Fenna Ogrejensek singing Strauss with Gil Sharon violin and Ed Spanjaard piano.

Our partners for this episode:

  • Take Away concert with A Swedish Cellist, which is a concert service where you can order your own concert to your home
  • Music for you Maastricht a new kind of music school with tailored music programs just for you
  • Student radio Maastricht



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