Episode 11 – Ulf Wadenbrandt

From local drum teacher to international rock conductor for The Band ARIA to becoming the Principal guest conductor for the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra.

His face has been printed on t-shirts, keyrings, colanders and the crush barrier and guards have kept him safe around the big masses of fans that surround him during tours all over the world with great symphony orchestras, artist and bands.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Ulf Wadenbrandt conductor, drum teacher Director and a natural force of great energy.  He is one of the reason I started to love playing music. He is no ordinary musician. If you go to his shows you will see a conductor with the energy of a wild animal and his concerts will be your great adventure. Jumping, headbanging with the biggest smile on his face Ulf Wadenbrandt will tickle you to laugher and smoothen your sorrows with his music.

In this meeting in Trollhättan, Sweden at the local music school Ulf offers us an episode filled with tricks and tips from his life. We talk about how to get sponsors, build a brand, dealing with critics, dealing with fame and much more.

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