Best Of – Part 1

Corona times and we are all locked up in our houses, concerts are cancelled and we are asking what should we do now?

I have made a smaller episode where I share some of our podcast’s eminent and brilliant guest’s advice. Susanne Schimack talks about rejection and a singer’s daily challenges in practising, Fenna Ograjensik talks about how music affects your brain and body. We get the best advice from Peter Powell and his strategies to make and get concerts, Eric Diteren talks about how to build a good business. Morten shares his secrets as a conductor with us on how to make an orchestra sound brilliant. It is a short cut into the episodes and it might spread some light into the dark times we are facing. You can listen to the entire episodes in full length, for free, below. Use the time to make yourself strong and to do all the things you never had time to do that is involving self-isolation.

I am here with the fifteen free Master in Music episodes and we will keep you company. I wish you all the best, if you like the podcast and want to support us take a screenshot and tag @swedishcellist on Instagram or @masterinmusic on Facebook, we hope to reach everyone that feels alone out there.

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