Episode 6 – Petronella Torin

In this episode of Master in Music we reveal the women behind the microphone, Petronella Torin. It is an interview where our own Podcaster get to answer questions instead of asking them. We talk about why she is making this podcast, how to start a company and how to get on the first page in the news papers and sell nineteen concerts in less than ten days. She is a Musician, Podcaster and Teacher and here are some of her tips on living a musicians life.

Who is interviewing, you wonder, since Petronella is being interviewed? Wiekie Stouten. She wrote to Master in Music and asked if she could interview Petronella and naturally, we said yes and why not make an episode out of it. Wiekie is currently making her first Master in Solo Singing at the Conservatorium in Tilburg as a Mezzo-Soprano. She has her first Master exam concert the 6th of June at 12.00 o’clock, singing an Opera of Janacek, Tillburg Conservatorium, Room A0016.