Rutesheim Special Part 3: Jakob Spahn

Jakob Spahn: the young Solo cellist of the Bavarian State Opera, the Zlatan of the cello. He has won awards and travelled the world sharing his music and now he is a welcome guest in Master in Music.

Jakob is smart, charming and creative. With his new CD recording of Gulda cello concerto, he brings classical music to the next technical level with a innovative 3D recording. He tells us how an app is on the way where you can zoom in and listen closer to the different instruments in the orchestra, and as you zoom the sound of that instrument gets louder. Pretty awesome!

In this episode he also gives us his best advice in how to win an orchestra audition, what the difference is between winning that job or not. If you want to learn more from Jakob apply for this year’s masterclass in audition training at Rutesheim Cello Akademie, the highlight of the autumn.

You also have the chance to win his new CD with his autograph by sharing the post of this episode on Facebook and tagging a friend that should listen to the episode. You find the post on Master in Music the facebook page. Now I wish you all a fantastic day.

Tchaikovsky & Gulda: Cello Concertos – Apple Music

Tchaikovsky & Gulda: Cello Concertos – Spotify

Jakob Spahn – Bayerische Staatsoper