Episode 9 – Morten Ryelund

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To celebrate the holiday season I have of course an amazing Christmas present for everyone! An episode with Morten Ryelund, the man that changed my life and the way I look at music forever.

I am honoured to present to you the man that has played a big role in a lot of professional musicians life: the conductor and violinist Morten Ryelund.  He is conducting professional orchestras, playing concerts as a violinist and creating the next generation of top musicians. With his DUEN orchestra (the Danish youth ensemble) which is a group of dedicated young musicians that Morten manages to create a musical level equal to well-known professional orchestras.

“Morten is a rare great musical endowment. His insight into and interpretation of the music is always thoroughly worked out, personal, innovative and extremely compelling. Furthermore, Morten possesses a rare ability to gather the positive and creative energy that always arises in his presence and use it to bring out the best in the musicians.”

Johannes Søe Hansen, concertmaster in the DR Symphony Orchestra

Get ready for an episode with not only a man of music but also philosophy. Morten is the conductor that can make musicians at a very early age understand orchestra music and have the ability to make them play with the highest quality. How he does it? Listen and try it out for yourself. We talk about how to make an orchestra play in tune, how to only rehearse 4 h a day and get amazing results, how to create an orchestra and much more. Enjoy an fantastic man and musician.

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