Episode 8 – Anton Somers

Today’s episode is inviting us to the little village of Mersele in Belgium. Next to Antwerpen, the city of diamonds, lies the atelier of Anton Somers. It is a magical place where wood transforms to a singing work of art. Anton Somers, born in 1986, is a young violinmaker with an enormous passion for wood. He studied to become a furniture maker but then one day his family led him into the fine work of instrument making and Anton studied violin making in Antwerpen and now he is a violin maker and a teacher in violin making at the ILSA violin making school in Antwerp. His instruments are sold in Paris at Guy Coquoz or in London at Sean bishop.

Anton shares some of his best trade secrets and his passion for varnishes and making different kinds of pigment on the wood in this episode. We also talk about how to take good care of instruments. Anton Somers’ instruments are played on by many great instrumentalists.  You can hear the cellist Wojciech Fudala, playing a live recording of Antonín Dvořák : Rondo in G minor op. 94in this episode. You might know him from the Elisabeth competition in Brussels.  Wojciech also released a new CD with cello and piano music by Mieczyslaw Weinberg (Wajnberg: Sonatas for Cello and Piano; DUX1545). It is a first Polish recording of these works, so that we can’t miss this. But first Episode nr 8, with Anton Somers.

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Anton Somers



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