Rutesheim Special Part 6: Attila Pasztor

Welcome to Master in Music – the Podcast. I hope that you are doing well and are as excited as me to hear this amazing meeting with Attila Pasztor who is a multi-talented musician who plays the cello like a powerful ancient god, composes music and he is also working together with violinmakers to develop the instruments, and at the same time, he is a product manager at Thomastik Strings.

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He is classical educated in Cello playing by Daniel Schafran. Attila plays a cello by Carlo Giuseppe Testore from 1697.

He has done and won a lot of competitions: “Vienna Philharmonic” award, 1 prize at the “International Chamber Music Festival Austria”, 1st prize in the international competition in Liezen, 1st prize at the Bayreuth international music competition. He also went to the semi-finals in the famous Tchaikovsky competition, the jury that year was so divided that they could not name a winner.

Attila works all over the world as a soloist but has his base in Vienna, Austria, where he takes care of producing the amazing Thomastik strings. He plays all kinds of music, classical to jazz, and when you first see him, his appearance is a very tall and muscular man that probably could be a bodyguard. At a closer look, you see his friendly curious eyes and realise that Attila is an amazing kind and friendly like a teddy bear but wild and adventurous in his artistic expression, always looking for new possibilities. In this episode, we talk about string production, cello playing, teaching and mentality. Now let’s listen to Attila Pasztor playing a Jazz trio with Franz Kogleman, Mario Arcari in the CD g(ood)luck, this is Blues all Alba.

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