Episode 15 – Gun-Britt Gustafsson

In a distant place in the Swedish forest lies a village called the “tune” village there in the sunny meadow lies a red cottage built in the old manners of a Dalsland house. Red coulure, with white decor. A surrounding garden is a magical place with nooks and crannies just about big engulf for a house-elf or two. In the little pound you can on a sunny day spot the salamanders playing with the weather fairies. The enchanted creatures of the meadow is not the only thing living here, because here is the home of Gun-Britt Gustafsson Lector in jazz singing at the Royal collage in Stockholm, singer, artist, choir leader and concert producer.

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Today we are diving into Gun-Britts magical meadow. The shy farm girl from the small village that travelled the country of Sweden with her voice and sang into our hearts.

From churches to community centres, hospitals, schools to the beautiful blue to golden halls Gun- Britt’s strong and powerful voice has filled spaces with classical and jazz songs. Through the year taken the listeners out on a musical journey

She is one of the most positive, sensitive listeners I ever met and she has the ability to find beauty and expression in every performer. She releases art that is capture so it can grow to its full potential.

Before we dive into the interview in her house talking about her life, singing approach, as a singer her self and as a lector we talk about how she felt like a bad teacher at the beginning of her carrier and how she had to work her way to the top. Going against some of the most profaned norms of singing.

Ladies and Gentlemen here is Gun-Britt Gustafsson with the local tune “as I walk over the fields” with the trio forget me not Peter Söderlund flute Nils Lundström Piano


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