Episode 16 – The Hebbe Sisters

This year’s Christmas gift in Master in Music offers a three-in-one interview with the fantastic swinging sisters Emelie, Josefine and Maria, The Hebbe Sisters. Three Sisters that are Sweden’s answer to the Andrews Sisters, extending their three voices to new musical possibilities. 

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The Hebbe Sisters made their national debut in 2009 in national TV in a talent show. Since then the three sisters have been touring Sweden’s and Europe’s big stages.

They are extra found of the Jazz festivals in Switzerland where they yearly perform. Where they also got singing lessons from Barbera Bonney.

They are popping up in several tv program on Swedish television like Bingolotto, Dancing stepping, swinging, singing and entertaining in the most wonderful way.  

In this episode, we explore the life of these three sisters and their musical life as well as their life home on the farm with the goats and cows. We talk about performance, singing, dancing, education about superpowers and sisterhood. I also have the pleasure of presenting a live performance in the interview where we get to listen to their latest hit “Jazz it up and Swing” from their new jazz album.

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