Best Of – Part 2

Welcome to Master in Music the musical podcast where I Petronella Torin tries to resolve the magic behind really great music.

I like to invite you to a little backstage tour in some of my episodes. We will meet five quite different musicians and hear some of their experience with creating fantastic music.

we start the tour with a famous Ulf Wandenbrandt, then we dive into the life of solo Cellist Niels Ullner followed by the singing professor Gun-britt Gustavsson and ending up with three swinging singing Hebbe Sisters.  A sneak-peek into the normally very secretive lives of musician and their way of making music.

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Let me introduce Ulf Wadenbrandt, he went from local drum teacher to international rock conductor for The Band ARIA to becoming the Principal guest conductor for the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra. He is known for being an energy explosion on stage and you have never seen a conductor head-banging as he does. Let’s listen to what he has to say about getting a sponsor as a musician.

Now we are going to hear a clip from my personal cello hero Professor and Solo cellist Niels Ullner. He has been a principal cellist for 34 years in Malmö symphony orchestra in Sweden and is known for educating some of the finest cellists at the National academy of Denmark. Now we dive into a part where I try to find out how to win a job in an orchestra and what makes a good team.

We are taking a trip into the deep forest of Sweden to a magical meadow where Singing professor Gunbritt Gustavsson lives. She is a singing lector at the royal academy in Stockholm and a widespread singing profile in Sweden known for her fantastic powerful voice.  We talk on our best Swenglish about the importance of simplicity and being natural and the importance of breathing.

To end our tour, we take a tour to the swinging singing Hebbe sisters and dive into this Swedish trio that has taken swing music to a new international level. We will talk with Josefine, Maria and Emelie about the benefits of having parents that are musicians and about how their musical journey began.

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