Episode 7 – Peter Powell

A musician by training and entrepreneur by accident! Ladies and gentlemen buckle up I give you Peter Powell or Peter Power as I like to call him. Peter is the man that can make your dreams as a musician come true in the sense that he has the knowledge that makes a musician get concerts. Going from studying music to working as one takes more than just musical knowledge. In this episode we talk about how to get concerts from the practice room to the stage and having an audience that listens to you and how to get to play in festivals, we also talk about Team Academy that is the new school model of learning business here in Maastricht and all over the world. We talk about Peters blog where he writes about how to set goals and reach them. Peter gives us some tips and tricks on Facebook management and poster making.

This episode contains lots of inspiration and knowledge that we wish we knew when we start our work as a musician. Peter was the man who kicked my butt out of the practice room and in to working as a musician and getting a lot of paid concerts. Now I like to share him with you.

Music Recommendations

All My Life by yMusic

All My Life by yMusic, yMusic is an ensemble of classical musicians who play extremely interesting modern music that’s still catchy and accessible. They’ve collaborated with the likes of St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Over. Which just goes to show what happens when you take classical music out of it’s stuffy little box.

Vivaldi Spring 3 Recomposed by Max Richter

Literally Vivaldi’s four seasons recomposed, which just opens up a whole new audience and realm of possibilities for this amazing music that’s been played the same for literally hundreds of years which makes no sense.

Elena by Ernst Rijsiger

He’s a cellist who has played with the likes of YoYo Ma but does everything from folk, to obscure traditional music around the world, to jazz, to rock. He thinks waaaay outside the box.



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