Rutesheim Special Part 4: Stephan Braun

Stephan Braun the cellist, composer and jazz artist

I am proud to present our first Jazz man in Master in Music – the Podcast.

It is Master in Music’s one year birthday and this episode with Stephan Braun is the greatest gift. He is a one man orchestra, who can create music that sounds like a whole jazz band on his single cello. It is just fantastic.

He has also won first prize at the international jazz competition with his trio in Bucharest and he has travelled the world playing in the most incredible concert halls like Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Vienna Opera house, Paris Olympia theatre, Rutesheim Cellofestival of course and many, many more, because once you hear this amazing cello phenomena you just want more. Since 2014 he is teaching at the “Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien” in Hannover in Germany and he is giving masterclasses in Rutesheim. He is preforming with different ensembles and one of my favourites is Deep strings which is a cello duo with his amazing wife who sings and plays the cello. After the episode I added extra material with a student from Rutesheim cello festival. Jordan Hamilton who is rapping and playing the cello, is going to give his view of the festival and share some rap on the cello.

 Are you ready to discover the extend of what a cello can do? this is the episode. Enjoy!

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